Pain Relief

There's no need to suffer

Emmett Technique is a gentle, muscle release treatment that effectively and quickly relieves tension and reduces pain. Whether it’s backache, shoulder and neck pain, arms, legs, knees or feet. Most pain issues can be dealt with in under twenty minutes. Emmett Technique also helps improve flexibility, mobility, strength and balance. There’s absolutely no need to suffer. Get in touch now to book your appointment.

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Pain Treatment

£20 - up to 20 mins

If you are suffering with a particular issue, injury or pain, anywhere in your body, book a Pain Treatment. Ideal for backache, sciatica, shoulder and neck issues, knee problems, sore legs, painful feet, imbalance, poor alignment, breathing difficulties, whiplash, RSI and numerous other conditions.

Lasting no longer than 20 minutes, the treatment will focus on quickly relieving your pain and easing your discomfort. Clients often feel immediate relief, even though things can continue to improve for up to two days after an Emmett Pain Treatment.

Nurturing Treament

£40 - up to 40 mins

If you are looking for a relaxing, full body realignment to restore physical and emotional balance then book a Nurturing Treatment. Ideal for de-stressing and detoxing mind and body.

Treatments can last up to 40 minutes and encompass the entire body from head to toe, including sinus and lymphatic drainage. Although calming, clients usually feel refreshed and rejuvenated after an Emmett Nurturing Treatment.

Most Emmett moves can be performed through the clothing so it is advisable to wear thin layers of loose or tight fitting clothes. Treatment involves light finger pressure at certain points on the body and has lasting results.