The Best Laid Plans

Sometimes, for one reason or another, the best laid plans go to waste. This can be extremely frustrating. How we respond though will either perpetuate the frustration or relieve it. We can chose to focus on what might have been but now isn’t possible or we can focus on what is, accept it and make the best of it. The one will bring distress the other will bring more peace of mind.

I recently took up running. The term ‘running’ seems to be a generic term now covering the range of pedestrian speeds from walking to sprinting. When I was indulging in the angst of my teenage years in the eighties, at the advent of exercise for the everyday person, jogging was the buzz word. People took up jogging. Tracksuited trendsetters, adorned with fluorescent leg warmers, head and wrist bands and the latest branded footwear, filled the streets and parks in an effort to de-stress from their high powered lifestyles and counteract the overindulgence of the decade. I envisage jogging as a more gentle active pursuit and more recreational, whereas as running seems faster and more athletic. I suppose it simply reflects the increased pace of life and attitude toward health and wellbeing as we forge our way into the new millennia. (more…)