Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up!

  • 06 Dec 2015

Inspiration for this month’s blog came, as it often does, from an unexpected encounter. I was catching up with my cousin-in-law, over a peppermint tea at a local country house hotel, as we are wont to do when opportunity allows. She went self employed earlier this year and, like me, works on her own a lot, so we love the opportunity to spend time in each other’s company, whenever possible.

While putting the world to rights, I noticed an older lady pass by where we were sitting and thought how fantastic she looked. She had dressed with a real sense of style and understated elegance, in tones of grey with a beanie type hat covered in large translucent sequences. When she returned I politely stopped her and commented on how wonderful she looked. She thanked me for my compliment and said how important it is to make an effort, although her friends don’t like her wearing her hat because it tends to blind them when the sun catches it. (more…)