7 Secrets to Beating ‘The January Blues’

  • 11 Jan 2016

ITV News contacted me to write an article for their website about Blue Monday. Until this point I had never heard of this title that has been accredited to the third Monday in January. It is believed to be the most depressing day of the year, according to claims made by a travel company back in 2005. With more relationships breaking down in January than any other month, finances being tight because of Christmas spending and payday still one week away, it is not surprising that people might feel low. Add to this the short daylight hours and cold weather and life can certainly seem quite dark. It is often at this point that we give up our New Year resolutions too and slip back into old habits, ending up disappointed with ourselves for failing. It’s enough to make you want to just go back to bed and hide under the covers until the spring. (more…)