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Life coaching helps you make sense of your world and how you operate in it, so that you are inspired and motivated to can create a future that you want to live. If you are ready to sort out your life then get in touch for a free ten minute chat.

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Life/Business Coaching

£75 - for 60 mins

If you feel frustrated, confused or unsure what to do about your life or your business then book a Life/Business Coaching Session.

Usually lasting an hour, although two hour sessions are available, you’ll have the opportunity to offload, soundboard ideas and gain new understanding about you and your situation in order to create a more compelling future.

Sessions can be in person or done over the phone. Coaching can be short term to deal with a specific issue or situation or more long term for guidance, support and accountability. The focus in sessions is mostly on the present and the future and making life make sense, so they tend to be motivating and inspiring.

Corporate rates are available on request.

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