What people have to say


Rob's positive attitude to life is infectious. His seminars are uplifting and inspiring and anyone thinking of attending should jump at the chance!
Julie Clark
I attended Rob's seminar last week, and cannot recommend it enough. Everyone should experience this. It is one of the best things I've ever done. The subject matter was inspiring in itself, but Rob's delivery was just fantastic. Rob's exellence lies in his ability to perceive or 'read' his audience and how the information he is imparting is making them feel. I think this quality is quite unique. He, quite simply, makes one feel as if anything is possible.
Eleanor Gray
The Curious Minds seminar that you ran last week was brilliant. So glad I attended. It was full of really enlightening stuff leading to life changing results. Everyone can change their life for the better with your help. Incredible. Thanks Rob. You’re quite amazing.
Vicky Deakin
I had my doubts about Emmett as the technique was fairly gentle, completely painless and quick. I had been suffering with achilles tendonitis for months. I also had a knee problem which was worrying me. It was days later before I even realised the tendonitis had completey gone!! It's now October and it's been gone ever since! There's not much more I can add, except the experience was wonderfully relaxing ...and it (quite remarkably) did the trick.
Martin Jenkins
Wow! I still cannot believe how quick and simple this was. I went to see Rob for sciatica and a few other little niggles and walked away feeling fab! It took about 20 minutes and I literally watched as Rob worked his magic and I saw genuine immediate results. I cannot recommend Rob highly enough. He is indeed a Superhuman and he will make you feel like one too!
Michelle Rawlings
I am 60 and was concerned about my posture and too much sitting, and wanted to avoid postural problems as I get older. Rob is friendly and welcoming. I felt extremely comfortable. When I left 20 minutes later I had far greater movement in my waist, actual softness in my neck muscles (second time I can recall that), and my right and left hips, right and left shoulders were now aligned. The treatment is gentle and non-invasive.
Deb Hawkin
I had suffered neck, shoulder and back pain for over 20 years since suffering whiplash in a car accident. I have gone to a chiropractor every 6 wks for the last 12 years but after having one 20 min session with Rob I can honestly say the results were truely unbelievable! I have since been pain free and have not been back to the chiropractor since! It is a painless treatment but the results are amazing I can't thank Rob enough!
Jo Mcgrath
Well, it is three days since Rob treated me and I am delighted to say that the pain in the shoulder girdle disappeared in the first 24 hours and has not returned. My arm lifting is still good. My right shoulder is clicking but relatively pain free. Neck is still a bit stiff but much better. It is difficult for me to understand but it has worked. So thank you and you now have a convert.
Andrew Page
Incredible! I saw the lovely Rob yesterday for back pain and sciatica and the difference is amazing. No need to get undressed, no telling me to lose weight, just very gentle treatment and good advice about posture. Today I am pain free and walking easily with no pain killers. The man is a genius!
Angela Hodgkins
When you always have a low level of back pain, it is not until it is gone that you realise it wasn't that low level! 20 minutes and £20 with Rob is the best time and money you will spend. Cannot recommend his kind hands highly enough. I will be back in a month for my maintenance, in pain or not.
Helen England
Rob is an amazing practitioner. His positivity is infectious and makes an Emmett treatment even more incredibly pleasant. He is professional, with a high level of knowledge. Very much recommended.
Alex Barrie
The coaching sessions I had with Rob have been life changing. Had you told me two years ago that my working life would look as it does today, I would have dismissed it. However, my working life is now the best it has ever been. Dreams can come true.
Caroline Norton
I met Rob a couple of years ago at a business breakfast seminar and I was impressed with his talk that I decided to see him for advice. After spending two hours with Rob, he installed a lot of confidence in me. I find his videos and books really inspiring and he's such a great bloke to know.
Stuart Bailey
One of the great things about Rob is his ability to read straight to the heart of what drives me. Upon our first session, after listening to me describe my idiosyncrasies, he was able to decipher and declutter my thoughts without judgement and with kind truthfulness, not only by listening to what I said but how I chose to say it. He is professional and friendly, thoughtful and accommodating, but above all else he is turned on to what makes us human and genuinely interested maximising our efficacy and happiness as such.
Nico Kauffman
Rob’s delivery of the Emmett Technique was professional and highly informative. There was a profound improvement in the movement of my neck after just a few small moves delivered with the slightest of pressure. The result was remarkable. I highly recommend it, particularly for anyone who doesn’t like being manipulated and ‘cracked’!
Sharon Ryal
After suffering with Plantar Fascilitis for a couple of years, I booked a session with the lovely Rob, and after half an hour treatment, I knew it was having a positive effect. It's now been six months, and I'm still pain free. I have to remind myself that I even once suffered from this painful condition. I'm delighted with the outcome and would not hesitate to recommend Rob and the Emmett Technique.
Lisa Davies
My knee was uncomfortable, my lower back was constantly aching due to an old injury and I was finding myself regularly rolling my shoulders to alleviate discomfort. After a 20 minute session with Rob, I was amazed and genuinely thrilled. My knee has stopped aching and running is so much easier, I haven't rolled my shoulders since, my posture is greatly improved and for the first time in 8 years there is freedom in my lower back. I feel aligned and physically free!
Jenny Brookes
I went to see Rob, hopeful that the Emmett Therapy would work for me and so far, after only one session, I am very impressed with the results.
Annie (emmett technique)

Wendy had one Emmett Technique treatment for a painful repetitive strain injury.

Wendy (Emmett Technique)

You have given me a lot of confidence and so much to achieve. I am very happy that I chose to see you. It's one of my better decisions.

Marcus (Coaching)

The workshops were fully booked and the feedback from staff was fantastic.

Rachel (CPD Manager, HoW College)

You are amazing. Thank you so much for your very good session. You have such a worthwhile and life-changing message for us all.

Hilary (SENCO, Malvern St James School)

You surpassed my expectations.

Neil Harris (MD, Harris Lamb Property Consultants)

You have proven to be an important and powerful catalyst for positive change.

Stuart Hobbs (Sales & Marketing Director, LG Harris Ltd)

You are without doubt one of life's treasures. In fact I would go as far as to say you are the 8th wonder of the world.

Michele (Coaching)

You have transformed my life and I will be eternally grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Madeleine (Coaching)

Thank you for saving my happiness!

Dan (Coaching)

Thanks for your time in helping me every step of the way, as you do for so many people. Don't stop doing all the things that makes one feel so special. There really isn't anyone quite like YOU out there in this world.

Mondy (Coaching)

I feel free, calm, I feel so happy. Thank you, thank you Rob for everything. You are just lovely!

Nadine (Coaching)