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Frequently Asked Questions

I've done my best to address the most common questions and a few of the less common ones too.

If you have any other queries, you are welcome to get in touch.

  • What services do you provide?
    In a nutshell, I help ease pain and discomfort in body and mind. For the body, I use the EMMETT Technique, a gentle muscle release therapy, as well as Pilates exercises. For the mind, I offer coaching, using a range of therapeutic tools and techniques. I also provide EMMETT practitioner training in Worcestershire.
  • Where are you based?
    My main clinic is in Worcestershire at Basepoint Business Centre, Isidore Road, Bromsgrove. B60 3ET. I also run a clinic, one week a month, in North Devon at Lynton and Lynmouth Bowling Club, Rock Avenue, Lynton. EX35 6DL Coaching sessions can be done over Zoom. EMMETT training sessions are run at Chaddesley Corbett Village Hall, Brockencote. DY10 4QA.
  • How much are treatments and how long do they last?
    First ever EMMETT treatments are £50 and can last up to 40 minutes. All other types of follow up treatments are £40 and can last up to 30 minutes. Coaching sessions are £100 and last 60 minutes. I take card payments, as well as payments using a smart phone or smart watch.
  • What is the EMMETT Technique?
    The EMMETT Technique is classed as a neuro-muscular release therapy. It works on the belief that light touch can trigger a relaxation response in the soft tissues of the body, allowing muscles to return to a natural, relaxed state. This, in turn, can help the body realign, relieving pain and discomfort and increasing mobility. Results are usually instantaneous, although change can continue to occur up to 48 hours after treatment. I don't consider a treatment complete until the third morning after your visit.
  • What do you do?
    I help relieve pain and discomfort and increase mobility for ease of movement using a technique called the EMMETT Technique. I don't treat conditions, as I'm not a medical professional. I treat pain, tensions, restrictions and discomfort in the body. I work with muscle, so if your issue is skeletal or neurological, there will be a limit to what I can achieve. However, in my experience, muscle can influence many issues. It doesn't matter if your issue is recent or historic. I will always treat pain first but, sometimes, the problem isn't where the pain is, so I will also explore potential causes and consider the whole person, body and mind. Treatments are gentle, with no need to undress, and may be given while you stand, sit and/or lie down.
  • How many treatments will I need?
    Often, one treatment can resolve an issue and unless you repeat what caused it in the first place, it is unlikely to return. If you benefit from a treatment but the problem isn't resolved, then I recommend a total of three treatments to get to the root of the problem. In most cases, if I unable to remedy the issue in three sessions, then it is something that requires more than I can offer. Some people choose to return for regular, maintenance treatments.
  • Will I have to remove my clothes?
    Treatments are delivered through clothing. Therefore, you are required to wear thin layers to enjoy the best results. Jeans and skirts can be restrictive. You are welcome to change into suitable attire on arrival, if more convenient for you.
  • Does it hurt?
    The EMMETT Technique uses light touch or small switches on specific points on the body to relax and release muscle. It's non-invasive and gentle but, if a point needs attention, it can be sore or even ticklish. "No Pain, No Gain" is NOT a term associated with treatment.
  • What is the difference between coaching and counselling?
    In my view, counselling tends to deal with the past and the present, whereas coaching deals more with the present and the future. People often seek coaching when they are ready to move on.
  • What is coaching?
    Coaching is a form if therapy that helps you understand why you think the things you think and do the things you do and how to change them Coaching can be useful to help you figure out what you want out out of life and how to go about achieving it. Session are usually very enlightening, motivating and enjoyable.
  • How many coaching sessions will I need?
    I don't believe that there is a prescriptive number of sessions. Each person is unique and will have different needs. I tend to let every individual decide. For some, one session can be all that is required to get clarity and inspire change. They might choose to have further sessions ad hoc, as and when needed. For others, regular sessions are preferred, or required, but that can be weekly, monthly or even yearly.
  • What courses do you run?
    I offer a one day, EMMETT course and EMMETT practitioner training. No previous experience or qualifications are needed for either courses. You can find out more about the EMM-Tech short course here... You can find out more about the EMMETT practitioner training here...
  • How much do the courses cost?
    The one day, EMM-Tech course is £130 and includes a certificate of attendance and training manual. The six modules of the EMMETT practitioner training is delivered over six weekends. Each weekend is £340 and is pay-as-you-go. Modules are spaced about 6 weeks apart.
  • Where do the courses take place?
    EMMETT courses are run all over the world. I run them in Worcestershire, UK at Chaddelsely Corbett Village Hall, Brockencote. DY10 4SA. UK and Ireland dates are posted on
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